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Building a Website


Planning, organising and developing a website

9 November 2014

We've been building websites since the year dot com-au

Planning is the first and most important step.

To create a successful website we need to know about you/your business so that we understand your marketing objectives – what product(s) or services you wish to promote and who your target audience is.

Your objectives need to be clear and well defined.

Planning information determines how the site will be built – what the site will look like, the number of pages required, what each page will contain, how the pages will behave, etc. It also helps to know what you don't want. Our checklist covers the kind of detail we need to build your website.

Building blocks for creating your personalised site.

Your information needs to be in a digital format to be delivered over the internet. We can take your existing marketing materials and convert them into web-ready content (web assets: text, images, audio, video, database) or help you develop new content.

Your website will usually include:

  • a style guide – CSS (cascading style sheets) are a set of rules that govern the visual aspects of how your content is displayed.

  • a navigation shell – the website architecture that links together all the pages in your site.

  • templates/model pages – a combination of CSS and Navigation shell ready to contain all the content you wish to publish online.

  • HTML (coding language for delivering multimedia content online), PHP/Javascript (programming languages that provide functionality and possible integration of an online database, etc.)

  • CMS (content management system: database) – to extend the usability of your data for ecommerce, secure search, information gathering, feedback, workgroup collaboration, integration into wider systems and more.

* If you are developing a commercial website to promote a product or service you should definately review your business plan in terms of internet marketing and promotion. DAT offers a 1-hour workshop in developing a fast-track business plan using Lean Canvas.

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