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Web development - per Page rates

8 November 2014

Special note: Page rates quoted below are intended as a pricing guide only. A simple-design 4-7 page site start from about AUD$500. The use of templates, scripting and database content greatly reduces costs for large sites.

$120* per basic page – xhtml, 1 or 2 images, no JavaScript.

$220* per standard page – xhtml, 3 to 6 images (plus single standard image-swaps).

$330* per medium page – xhtml, 7 to 12 images (plus single standard image-swaps), up to 4 extra image swaps, basic JavaScript.
Note: advanced CSS counts as 1 page.

$550* per complex page – xhtml, 7 to 12 images (plus single image-swaps), up to 4 extra image swaps, JavaScript, complex table. 
Note: customised forms count as 1 complex page

* Additional points below apply to all web page rates:

  • Includes basic design, navigation/site structure, upload and test

  • Scanning, deep-etch, photography and image manipulation is extra.

  • Text content must be supplied in digital format, edited and spell checked else copywriting and editing fees will apply. Responsibility for proof reading lies with the client unless previously negotiated.

  • Additional content (text/images) or changes to the design brief supplied after commencement of web development, or exceeding the page rate estimation may incur additional charges or a different page rate. Additions after the determined completion date will be charged as a new job. It is advisable to pre-plan your content accordingly.

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