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Airdrop loses to GoodReader

21 May 2015

Once again the GoodReader app triumphs in my iOS workflow. After failing many guided attempts to get Apple's Airdrop feature working I thought I'd check to see if the latest update of GoodReader was Airdrop enabled. Nope. But I quickly discovered it didn't need to be. 

Too easy... GoodReader uses the age-old tried and true "local network" method (easy ateps below). 

  1. OK the whole idea of Airdrop (if you can get it working) is that you don't need to be on a network. You only need to enable Airdrop, then other MacOS/iOS devices can drop their payload. BUT it just doesn't work reliably - very hit and miss... mostly the latter I've found.

Don't waste time. For so many damn productive reasons just go download GoodReader...  even for just the single reason than it gives you a logical multi-media file storage and management system right on your device. But not only... you can also attach multiple files to outgoing email (not possible directly in the Mail App).

So then... got GoodReader? Here's how you can drag and drop files to a Mac computer on your network.

  1. On your device get logged into the local network i.e. the same way that you connect to wifi.

  2. IF you want to move files from device to computer, ensure you transfer them into GoodReader first.

  3. In GoodReader tap on WIFI and note the IP address for your device.

  4. On your Mac, via the Finder, click on the GO menu, then Connect to Server and type in your device IP address.

  5. Connect as Guest

  6. Drag and Drop files between your Mac (Finder) and GoodReader. Don't blink or you'll miss it.

  7. When done, eject the "network" volume (iOSdevice).

And between iOS devices i.e. iPhone and iPad...

  1. Make one device the Webdav server by tapping on WIFI in GoodReader.

  2. On the other device (i.e. iPhone) again using GoodReader, tap on Connect and then at the bottom of the control panel "reload list of servers".

  3. Select the iOS device acting as Webdav server from the list of servers connected on your local network.

  4. Tap on upload to transfer from the iPhone to the Webdav server device. Navigate and select the file(s) stored in GoodReader; OR download files stored on the Webdav server.

  5. When done, stop the Webdav server.


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