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The joy of wordpress... err... I mean sex.

23 May 2015

When people say to you, "Wordpress is so easy these days... just use templates." What they really mean is use a template but don't change anything - just add water.

Yes. When you put someone to the test they will clarify that you have to hunt for the "template" that is exactly how you want your site to look. Lock, stock-photo and barrel.

Hmm... well that's ok for a blog I suppose but not if you want to brand your site, sell products etc. You're going to need a little bit more tweaking under the wordpress hood.

When you read "codex", Wordpress' support wiki, the very first piece of advice isn't "make a child" but after you get yourself in a pickle and you go look for some tutorials IT's there. You'd think making a child would be easy for an old hand like me. I made three children a long time ago in the hope that they'd help me with things like Wordpress... but they're all too busy high-flying in Ruby, geo-politics and chocolate. 

Making a child is easy but getting that child to work is something else. I've been down that path before too.

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