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Notability - a good looking document on time, every time *****

29 May 2015

In my early iPad days I was looking for a basic text editor to quickly put together "nice" looking documents.

I had Office2HD that allowed me to import native Word/Excel docs, edit them and save back in those native file formats. Great in a pinch for sure but in trying to deliver all the formatting functions that MS Office docs require, it rendered the user interface a little too complex.

I tried a few different apps, interesting, often sporting fascinating bells and whistles however I wanted something that would just deliver fast and good looking. At the time I was using Noterize* to hold all my PDFs – it allowed me to annotate and sketch over the top as well as add extra blank pages for typed notes. Then I discovered Notability.

Not only would Notability do everything Noterize did, but the tools and interface provided for formatting text, annotation, handwritten notes, highlighting and adding images met my expectations for an app that would enhance my workflow. In addition Notability has a great audio capture feature.

Out of the box, the documents you create will look great. There are 3 customisable one-tap buttons to format text as heading, subheading or body text. While you can easily adjust the font and size of any word or paragraph, those 3 buttons do away with all distractions so you can get the job done fast. Bullets, number outlines, indents are all there, with line space and paragraph breaks pre-optimised for on-screen reading.  

Notability docs (and audio) can be exported out in a variety of ways, however only in its native file format or as PDF. PDFs are not locked, so you can easily recapture the text for further editing.

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