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oh good grief - Telstra stuff up

14 October 2015

I've never been a big fan of Telstra because they don't play nicely. In my past experience their operators (sales people) are inclined to gloss over details. You need to pump them hard for info and then rephrase their jargon and pump hard again to confirm that you are still on the same page.

It's been nearly four years since I've needed to choose a home phone broadband bundle - because I've been travelling and making do with mobile internet.

So when I started looking into what deals were available in sunny downtown Mullumbimby I realised that the whole game has changed considerably.

Remember how we were promised a level playing field in regional Australia (or even remote rural)? Yes well we all know how that panned out (thanks Abbott - not). 

So rather than getting better services I'm looking at worse. 

Remember how you once had a choice to have great big bandwidth quotas (albeit with shitty speeds)? Not any more. Now I can have oodles of download and better speed for a fat price - period. That's it. No choice. If I want less I have to go with mobile internet – which is generally pretty crappy around Mullum, and expensive when you're operating an online business.

It seems that smaller phone-broadband bundles at reasonable prices, no lock-in contract are only available in the city. It's simply not available for regional households... UNLESS you do a telemarketer deal.

OK. So that's where I ended up today... chatting to a nice girl who is a Telstra agent. I was extremely cautious, as you would be from past experience. I pumped and double checked and knowing that I was being recorded I stated that I didn't want a lock-in contract because I travel - so yes I would pay the extra "casual" join up fee. I didn't want a modem - I would buy my own. I didn't want my number published online - cha-ching an extra $2.79/mth for that. I was nice and friendly, polite but cautious. I asked questions. I reiterated how I understood the deal. It all seemed AOK. Connection in 4 days.

Then came the emails. 

My order confirmation with plan details: 24 month contract. Modem. NBN broadband.

What the fuck? My Mullumbimby exchange can't even get NBN broadband.

Phone call to Telstra. OH GOOD GRIEF... Yes. I have to prove my case. It's now 10pm at night - their sales people are too busy to talk to me to clarify my position. Please call back tomorrow.

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