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Mindfulness and the ART of culling unwanted recent contacts from your iPhone

3 August 2016


Some say it can't be done. It can.

It's just potentially a long and tedious task, depending on how many months/years you've been letting them accrue AND how many random contacts via talk or sms you've made and received. Hundreds? Thousands?

Are you ready?

Think of it as a new meditation practice - something you will do for ten minutes or so each day - in which case you will get most benefit from the exercise if you prepare yourself mentally. 

TRUST ME! I know what I'm talking about. I've been teaching and assisting people living on the edge and in the middle of major crisis for over 12 years now. What you don't want to do is to approach this task gritting your teeth. 

So... are you ready?

Here we go. 

Take a long and gentle breath-in over a relaxed count of 4, hold for 4 and gently breathe out for 4. Repeat that until you start to physically and mentally accept and embrace the gentle rhythm.

Feel the weight of your iPhone/iPad in your hands. Feel the texture. Keep up the gentle breathing and if your thoughts begin to intrude in an uncomfortable or tense way, acknowledge and let the thought drift away by refocussing on the device in your hands. Some people would call this "mindfulness". Let's not debate the meaning – just accept that this technique works toward minimising feelings of stress.

Tap the message icon. Breathe.

Tap the send new message icon (top right corner). Breathe.

Type one single ZERO where it says To: 

A long list of contactees will appear AND amongst the bonafide entries stored in your saved contacts will be a whole lot of random numbers. These are also easily identified by the word Recent and the blue info symbol.

Tap on the info symbol.

Tap on the red Remove From Recents 

DO NOT try to remember or even waste a thought on who or what the number is related to. Maintain your state of mindfulness. Breathe and enjoy the moment of relaxation.

Continue ONLY until it starts to piss you off. DO NOT continue past the point of being relaxed in the task. 

REPEAT the task later when you feel that you need a break from other shitty goings on.

When you reach the end of the random contactees that contain a ZERO, try the @ symbol – although it shouldn't be necessary as every contactee number generally includes a zero.

NOTE: I'm thinking that surely there is a way to do this using an AppleScript. If you have such a solution please do post in in the comments. Thanks!

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