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Illustrator CS4 accessing all Tools using Apple's magic trackpad

4 March 2017

This issue had me stumped for years.

No settings, combination of keys and taps would open the Illustrator Tool Selection popup. ALT-tap on the Tool would cycle through the choices.

Turns out it was a "glitch" and NOW it's fixed. 

Because I needed to do a lot of vector node break and join I decided to plug in a mouse – where click and hold pops up the TOOL selection. Lo and behold, my trackpad method for tap and hold (to drag for instance) was now accessing all the tools. Why it started or stopped working is still a mystery.

"Why am I using CS4 (and Mavericks) in 2017? Am I crazy?" – is probably not what you're thinking BECAUSE here you are, right?

Yes – that is still one of my workflows – three workstations running:

Snow Leopard – because CS4 InDesign will not run on later versions of Mac-OS AND the issues are truly not (at this stage) vexing enough to warrant giving Adobe more money. I certainly don't want to be dependent on using Adobe-CS "online". We can't all do that and run a cost effective workflow in this day and age... actually.

Mavericks – because I understand the rest of CS4 will be (hair-pulling) compromised on later Mac-OS.

iPad – because it gets the rest of my job done.

Should I upgrade Mavericks? 

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