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Another DAT website overhaul

21 July 2017

Not visually. Nooooo.... just a tweak here and there with the content.

No longer offering web-hosting etc. although I still offer my assistance and sound advice on how to get hooked up!

Also gone – my notice advertising I was closed for "new" business. YES I'm back... but why?

Let me tell you, taking a good long break is bloody wonderful but I began to tinker again and next thing I'm having my arse hauled out of bed to fix someone's web problems. Ewww... I felt rusty, crusty and old, but good samaritan that I am I rose to the challenge. This meant hours and hours of new-tech webdev catch up and logic told me that it would be wasteful to let that smoulder in a corner.

Enough said. 

The other eye-popping thing about taking a break is the radical enlightenment about not doing things I don't particularly enjoy. Funny how they seemed so inseparable from the parts of the job I did like. So no more web-hosting and all the under-appreciated headache that goes with that.

More airing of dirty laundry [watch this space], redeveloping PENpages, populating the gallery with wierd images and discouraging others to use Facebook, instagram and twitter as their only means of contact.


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