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Reverse Chord Finder Pro (5-star)

21 July 2017

If you play or noodle around on piano, guitar or other type of stringed instrument and you want to know:

  • what type of chord you are playing

  • other ways to play a chord

  • notate a chord (for sheet music)

  • know the enharmonic naming equivalents

THEN go no further! I've been using this one since... really could it be 2007? iPad is that old!?

It's the bees-knees.

Last night I was looking for it on iPad, for a friend, and I thought it had been removed from the AppStore shelf but no, it's still there uniquely occupying the space of best and possibly only app fit for purpose – only. It just works so damn well, why look further.

The developer, an Aussie, is in the process of an update that makes it "universal" so iPad users can easily find it again. There are so many great iPhone apps that will work on an iPad that you won't discover if you don't use an iPhone.

Why did Apple remove the ability to see apps for iPhone and iPad in the same search? 

Anyway... (hoganism) do yourself a favour (mollyism) and download Reverse Chord Finder Pro (also available for Android).

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