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iOS work & play

Since the first iPad was launched I've spent several hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours putting apps to the test. My aim – to replace my dependence on a desktop system for work. Have I reached my goal? Sort of. If my desktop Mac died I could definitely get by.

Ultimately though the digital work setup is all about smooth and productive workflows, power tools, processing grunt, instant access to storage, crossplatform connectivity and for me a biggie – file management – in this Apple still has the lid firmly closed.

Still iPad has become an indispensable part of my workflow.

I don't review everything however there is a complete list of every App I've downloaded and tested (productivity and recreational). If you want to submit your review please note my rating guidelines.

Ratings range 0 (low) to 5 (high) and are awarded as follows:

0 - absolutely negative (trust me, don't bother)

1 - a point for trying (I bothered to download and test)

2 - add a point for nice graphics/interface

3 - good concept but... (I either got bored OR it was badly executed)

4 - engaging and (then it all ended OR not quite there yet)

5 - part of my routine (workflow essential OR I could play this over and over)